A downloadable game for Windows


MovementMove mouse while left clicking
Revert TimeHold right mouse button
RespawnSpace bar

What is it about?

Light Escape is my entry to the Bolt Jam #5.

You control a blob of light, your mission: Escape from the darkness!

But you only have 10 seconds to do so. Thank god that you can travel back through time to try again and again :)

However be careful! Touching the wall annihilates you and you have to start from the beginning. THAT would be an fatal error.

Used Assets

Only Unity + Unity Packages (HDRP, Visual Effects Graph, Shader Graph, Post Processing Stack, etc.).

Why so many particles?

I just wanted to use the new Visual Effects Graph from Unity :D

Bolt Graphs

Player State Machine

Player State Machine >> Dead Flow Machine


  • 4 Maps
  • 16 Death Melodies
  • 6 Movement Melodies
  • Movement reactive particle system with collisions
  • Light/shadow based vision


LightEscapeV9.zip 33 MB


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Really enjoyed the first level. (didn't get much further though) Having to restart the first level from the second level was a bit too demoralizing after the third time.
The melodies were especially nice though :)
Wish there was a way to skip the Death scenes later on, they're useful in figuring out the level but later on just breaks up the flow.
Also, there's a bug which allows you to go back in time to your last life (provided it was on the same level) :)

Don't know if it was intentional, but what with Light going back and forth in time, acausally, made me think of Delayed Choice experiments and quantum erasers. 

Hi Vong, thanks for playing the game :D
You can skip the death scene by pressing space.

The trick of mastering the second level is to use the *right click* to revert time.
Just scout the area slowly without touching the wall and revert back to the start. 
When you have found the portal, remember the way to it and do it quickly.
Going back one level was implemented as it otherwise would be the same as going back through time with right click thus making that feature meaningless.

Would you maybe like a trail of light of your last successful run on the level to help you finish the level again when you are set back?

Thx for reporting the bug - I wrote it down :)

Regarding quantum effects: I thought about those kind of features. For example it could be that when you revert time your old self will still be there and do all the things you did, which can lead to opening doors by standing on levers, etc.