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My entry for the Bolt Jam #2. I didn't write a single line of C# code for this.


You are Window Cleaner-Man! Try to help by cleaning windows with your ultra cleaning skills! You might even find gold while doing so.


W - Move up
S - Move down
A  - Swing left
D - Swing right
Left mouse button - Draw
Space - Freeze time for 1 Water/sec
Tab - Switch view 

Assets used

  • Bolt (obviously)
  • Amplify Shader Editor  (for Skybox & Water Bar)
  • POLYGON City Pack (People, Skyscraper)
  • Epic Toon FX (Firework)

Everything else was done by me during the Jam including:

  • Music (incl. the lyrics)
  • Custom Shaders (ex. for Water)
  • Animations & Particle Systems (ex. People, Bubbles, etc.)
  • Bolt graphs (even for rope physics and procedural character animations)
  • AMAZING *irony off* 3D models (Sponge, Rope, Wood stick, etc.)
  • Level design
  • Dirt texture
  • And other stuff

Bolt usage

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, cleaning, Colorful, Funny, Low-poly, Physics, Singleplayer, Third Person, Unity


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Day 3 Version 39 MB
Day 3 Version + Small improvements (First person view & circle attack helper) 40 MB

Development log


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I couldn't get the game to actually start, when I get to the title screen nothing I press starts the game. (I tried both versions listed) Is there something I should try to fix it?

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You press W to move forward which starts the game.


For anyone looking for a laugh... instead of holding down to go down the building, hold up and become Superman


I have become the ultimate window cleaner 


Indeed, you have! All hail to the mighty window cleaner NoLether :D
Congrats on unlocking the secret 1.000 points firework <3

Deleted 197 days ago

Added the game to the bundle ;)


I love this game! Super fun to play!

Thank you <3