REACT to what is unseen.
Controls: use WASD or Arrow keys

As 60 seconds can't be hard, right?!
See how far ya can go. I recommend posting your score as a screenshot in the comment section ;)

Game mechanic is about a ball you can move to right to gain points. You can get higher through ramps or jumps. The higher you get, the faster you can move. You only have 60 seconds. Afterwards you can enjoy a time reversal of your try followed by another chance to try it again!

Game is made with Unity3D. Programming, Art and Music is done by myself.
I used the following Unity Assets: Amplify Shader Editor (for making a custom shader), Amplify Motion (Post-Processing), Beautify (Post-Processing). All art assets are just derived from a white circle and a white square, which are modified through the custom shader. The music is blended interactively to the current speed and time left.


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Hi I like the feel of the ball, but I can only see a little vertical slice of the screen at the ball, very hard to see what is coming up